Pink Phizz

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not in the mood.

Christmas is coming, and of course I'm not even close to being ready. I have a package that needs to be sent to my oldest daughter and inside that package goodies need to be sent to my son-in-law in Iraq.

Have I wrapped the gifts I need to send?...No.

Have I gotten everything to be sent to my son-in-law?...No.

Have I located the incentive to do so yet?...No.

I'll let you know when I will.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Queen Elizabeth II opening Parliament today. Awesome.

I just watched the Queen going up to Parliament for her speech to both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I was fascinated by the Queen's person arriving at the House of Commons and getting the door slammed in his face, his beating on it to get admitted, and requesting the presence of that House to attend the Queen's audience. It was something to see the Prime Minister (Blair) having to stand at the back of the House of Lords' chamber with all others from the Commons. Hearing the speech the Queen gave, announcing what "my government" is going to proposed was interesting, even knowing that she didn't write the speech. Also, the keeping of a "hostage" from Parliament by the Queen only to be delivered back to Parliament once the Queen is back safely in her residence is a great tradition. Something tells me that the "hostage" and the Queen probably had a nice cup of tea and a little chin wag about the ceremony/speech before the "hostage" was return. At least, I'd like to think they did.

What I did find out today was that, even though the Queen has lost the majority of any power to govern, she signs the proposals by Parliament that makes them the law of the land. That I didn't know. So from this information, I am going to assume that if the Queen doesn't sign off, it doesn't become law. Interesting. She also can express her disapproval of proposals in private to the Prime Minister (and such), not that he needs to take note. This all surprised me. I thought the Queen was just a figurehead.

Anyway, as an American, perhaps I'm suppose to find this a bit much, but I think it's grand. And I hope it continues long into the future. I hope that every child in the UK has a chance to observe this tradition. It's living history. And if, nothing else, it's pretty awesome to watch.

Hello, again.

Well, I'm back. In fact, it's now my really third day back. Funny thing is, is that I was able to get up fairly early (around seven-thirty, quarter to eight) on Monday and Tuesday morns, and yet I wound up sleeping in this am and feel worse for it!

I had a great time with my grandkids. Six, three, and 14 months. Boys. Not a sensitive one among them. Wonderful time. How I felt after being there for three weeks? Exhausted.

The house was kept in pretty good order considering it was being kept up by a man. Only problem that I find when I leave is my definition on how to get rid of dust and his definition is two different definitions. I say get rid of it, and he says no point in even trying, it'll just come back. Guess I'll keep him.

My youngest arrives on the 16th of December for Christmas and we can't wait. Of course that also means that we are going to have to plow through the crowds and start our Christmas shopping. Keeping Krip from going bananas is a chore every year. He just hates the commercial aspect of Christmas (don't we all) and becomes such a grouch, muttering under his breath everytime a commercial comes on the televison.

I guess that's all I've got for my really first wade back into blogging. Now all I have to do is get back in the habit of looking and commenting on everyone else's blogs.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Taking to the skies...again.

Well, I'm flying out this evening, on my way back to Mr. K , Barney the dog, and England. I'll be back tomorrow morning. I've had a wonderful time with my daughter(s) and grandboys. You wouldn't believe how exhausted I am. Looking forward to my own bed; to seeing my honey; and to seeing our lovable flea-bag; AND I'm looking forward to, um, I can I put this delicately....quiet.

See you soon!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I lurve Autumn.

Aaarrrggghhh! See what I've been missing since I'm in North Carolina? Not that it's not beautiful here, but I want to be there! I have one more week, then not only will I be back with Mr. K, but finally, I'll shake my lazy self free and actually start writing something.

Stay tuned....