Pink Phizz

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Up, up and no way.

A friend of ours offered to take both Krip and me up in his plane today. I politely said "Thanks, but no thanks" as I have already had that (ahem) pleasure once, and once was enough for me. I have been known to suffer from motion sickness from time to time - okay, I'll admit, I can get sea sick lying on top of a half-filled water bed or from riding a Merry-Go-Round if what I'm riding doesn't go up and down at the same time - so a time or two is putting it mildly. And the more I'm looking outside at the weather today in our little corner of Kent, the more I know I made the right choice.

Now, I'm wondering if Krip is still going to go ahead with his plans to fly in that very small plane. And does our friend's plane carry a barf bag (or two). Hope so.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank you, Krip.

I am sick. So sick. My throat is raw. My chest hurts. I have a cough, which in turn hurts my chest even more when I cough. My hands are cold. My feet are cold. What can I say. I feel like shite.

And guess who gave it to me.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Last of the summer wine.

I noticed for the first time today that our garden is looking a bit shabby. The leaves aren't as green as they were a month ago. The flowers not as spectacular. Even the grass barely needs cutting. Reminds me of what a nightclub looks like in the daytime. I guess no matter how warm the days have been lately, Autumn is just around the corner.