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Thursday, August 04, 2005

It figures

My youngest and I were standing out in the garden, peering up at the sky, and the conversation went like this:

"What do you see?"

"Rain clouds."

"And why do you think there are rain clouds?"

"Because they want to be there?"


"Because it was forecasted rain?"


"Because there is moisture in the air and it's going up into the clouds?"


"Um, because you have all the sheets and towels out on the line?"



At 12:38 AM , Blogger Fred said...

This is just like when I fill my pool after a dry spell. Sure enough, it always rains later on that day, and the pool winds up overflowing.

Someone up here has a sense of humor.

At 10:41 PM , Blogger Ghost Dog said...

Washing one's automobile(s) is another marginally effective way to induce precipitation.

At 11:06 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

ghost dog: and washing all the throw rugs are too. sure to have the dog trapsing in with muddy paws.

fred: sounds like a tidal problem.


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