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Monday, August 01, 2005

I'll have another please

So, let me get this straight. The E.U. has banned all advertisements for cigarettes in auto racing, as well as all the other sporting events. All of which, does not surprise me since tobacco companies have long been the target to get. However, as far as racing goes, tobacco companies have been replace with advertising for some good ol' malt whiskey and/or any one for a little caffeine?

Now don't get me wrong. I love having a drink, or two, or three; huh...anyway, to me it's the fact that the world is starting to look down on tobacco as Darth Vadar healthwise, and yet is liquor and/or a caffeine drink which is basically speed in a can better for one's health?

So, I suppose that lung cancer is out and liver cancer is in.


At 1:25 PM , Anonymous the letter b said...

the malaysians banned both liquor and tobacco advertisements not only on the mass media but also auto racing. i won't be surprised if there's some agreement is struck between the liquor company and EU.

At 9:18 PM , Blogger Shooting Parrots said...

A precise analysis. Note that the more something is banned, the higher the taxes. And there's the rub. Ban it and we can't complain when the tax costs more than the product. Can we?

At 5:11 AM , Blogger Mike's America said...

I like your new wallpaper... cool and breezy.

At 5:39 AM , Blogger MonicaR said...

Well yes now smoking cigarettes seems to be the worst thing since crack. It's worse than crack. Worse than heroine. Way worse than overeating. Worse than drinking and driving.

Amazing how things work - isn't it?!

At 10:12 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Couldn't agree more, Monicar. Perhaps life sentences should be imposed on those that smoke, watcha think? Although, I haven't run across any accidents pertaining to anyone smoking too many cigarettes and then driving, or anyone being killed because someone needed a cigarette fix and couldn't afford to get one...or at least, not yet.

At 10:13 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Oh, thank you Mike, especially for steering me in the right direction.


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