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Monday, August 08, 2005

Phffffffff or Oh My God!

How's this for a Monday starter:

Cherie for MP, says Clinton
By Brendan Carlin, Political Correspondent

Cherie Blair should stand as an MP when her husband leaves the Commons, Bill Clinton suggested yesterday.

The former US president offered to campaign for Mrs Blair if she decided to stand for election after Mr Blair leaves Downing Street.

"She is an enormously able person. I love her," said Mr Clinton,...more here if you can stand to read it


At 10:46 AM , Anonymous the letter b said...

I spluttered when readin that piece of wotsit. Cherie Booth, MP? More Islamic troublemakers will thrive in the UK.

At 2:34 PM , Anonymous David Vance said...

I thought she was already de facto Prime Minister! She's a horror story - the fact that Clinton rates her proves that.

At 6:39 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Now, I know it's going to be scary, but try to imagine Prime Minister Cherie Blair and President Hillary Clinton.

We'd all be f*cked!!!

At 6:40 AM , Blogger MonicaR said...

Don't even say it, Alicenot!

God forbid and pass the potatoes. There would be no place to hide if THAT scenario were ever to happen. *makes the sign of the cross*

At 8:04 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...


At 8:19 AM , Blogger Mike's America said...

I was just about to say "That woman is about as scary as slick willies wife..." but you beat me to it.

Better watch out when willie says he "loves" her.

Think Kathleen Willey in the hallway.


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