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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A warm breeze blowing

I have been away from air-conditioning now for almost three years. I mean as far as our home goes. It doesn't get that hot in the U.K.; although, lately that's been a different story. Anyway, here the air has to be on, on pretty low (about 66-68 degrees due to a certain someone being very much pregnant and hot all the time) and because of this, I find myself going outside to warm up. I am enjoying the muggy warm breeze that surrounds me when I am out there. It's funny how I am wearing shorts and tank tops around the house, and yet wishing that I had brought sweats.

However, it would be impossible to live in this climate without the air. So, when I can't count all the goose bumps on my arms, and my legs start turning blue, I just pop outside and pretend I'm baking in the oven. I want to soak up all the warmth I can while here, won't be long before winter comes roaring into England.

I really wish I could bottle up this heat and humidity and bring it back with me. With my luck, the Custom officials would confiscate it and throw me in jail for bringing, what they would register, as something highly illegal into the U.K.


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