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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Missing it already

We're back! And we had a glorious time...well sort of. The weather was a bit of everything. When the weathergirl said clear and sunny in most places, it didn't mean us. And when she said cloudy and rainy in most places, it did mean us. Go figure.

The Mad Hatter had a grand old time. He wound up jumping on the bank, right off the boat, while it was running, I might add several times. Unfortunately for him, he was attached to the boat by his leash. Think his neck has stretched by a couple of inches. Never did manage to get the hint. Finally, we just let him be, that's when he would literally dive into the canal. Most times he was trying to get to the ducks. He really didn't like the swans, he was rather taken back that they would hiss at him. Gee, I can't think why. However, by the end of the week, he had become a right old boat dog. Five days too late I'm afraid. Like I said above, he had a grand old time.

The only draw-back that I can think of was taking Walrus's father. Won't do that again. Thought he was on holiday, and everyone else, especially me, was there to wait on him. Nope, nada, that didn't go over very well. Trust me when I write that. Walrus and I worked our arses off and Walrus's father, well you'd a thought he was king of the canals. [Sigh.] Only real work that man did was to put that damn antenna up for the television as soon as we moored. Should have banned it altogether.

Thought Flower would be bored to death on this trip, but she had a wonderful time. She loved walking on the canal paths, feeding the ducks (in fact we went through quite a bit of bread, but those ducks were happy), playing water balloon toss with Walrus, and just munching her way through the whole trip. I'm glad she had a good time. Said that she would love to do it again. Pretty good endorsement from a ten year old girl.

Walrus and I also enjoyed ourselves, apart from the pain-in-the-ass old man. And we have promised ourselves that we would go on a canal trip alone, just the two of us; no dog, no kid, no old man. And we are pooped. I mean really exhausted. We need a holiday just to recover from this one.

All-in-all, it was wonderful. We would live on a canal (narrow) boat tomorrow if we had the chance. Totally different world out there. We definitely could handle it.

Gotta win the lotto.


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