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Monday, June 20, 2005


You wouldn't believe what was waiting for us when we got back from our holiday. The joker who owns the land behind us has decided to clear-cut. Everything is gone. All the trees, except for the one oak tree which is suppose to be a 'protected tree,' and all the other smaller bushes, etc. The birds are now gone. Have seen our robin and Mr. Bob (our blackbird) only about once or twice; none of the tits have come around, nor any other of the smaller birds. It's bare and dead outside. I almost cried when I saw the past our garden.

The joker wants to build on this land. He wants to build a house and various flats for family members to keep them close, you know. Walrus and others have protested against the build now for around five years now. The joker started the clear-cutting before the last letter of the request's final permission date was up. Strange that only we got the letter, our neighbors/friends around us did not. That should be taken to task too.

Our next door neighbors, one set that did not get their letter informing of the build, are putting their house up for sale next week. Now they are very upset because the destruction/construction may impede the sale of their place, or if nothing else, effect the asking price.

I hope this joker is stopped in his tracks again at the eleventh hour. It would serve in him right.



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