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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Will I or won't I

I miss driving. No, I don't drive here. We have a 'stick-shift,' which is something I have always driven; however, it's on the left side, and I am used to the right side. If I had to concentrate on just changing gears assbackwards, or just driving around and around round-a-bouts, or the opposite side of the road, then I would drive. But having to concentrate on all these things at once, is just too much of a hassle for me.

Combined with reasons mentioned above, let's take a look at the size of the streets, or lack of size. The primary streets themselves are really not too narrow (for the most part); however, cars parked on either side on a two way street does make life interesting. Those parked cars leave the middle of the street as the only way to go. So many times I have felt like reaching over and fiddling with rearview mirrors as we are going by. We pass so close that if I had a sharp instrument on me, I could scratch a line on every single car parked on my side for a mile or so. This can be done even when we aren't squished in because someone is trying to go down the street as we are going up the street. I would have a hard time driving in this situation because most times my hands would be covering my eyes out of fear.

Oh God, then I would have to take a driving test. I haven't taken one in years. So, having to worry about driving with the gears on the wrong side; driving on the wrong side; round-a-bouts; and just the usual congestion on the roads, the thought having to take a test just chills me to the bone. I have heard it's very difficult. I don't like difficult. And I don't want to do difficult. I am more nervous about taking a silly driving test than any exam I had ever taken before during my six years at University.

Course, maybe some day I may try driving, if we get an automatic. I mean really, how hard can driving be, or the driving test be? I have seen an awful lot of little twits driving these roads. If a little twit can do it, surely I can.



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