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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane

On Monday, I fly back to the States with Flower. My oldest is having her third babe. They really hoped for a girl, having two boys already, and so naturally the baby is going to be another boy. Can you say, 'Murphy's Law?' Anyway, this was not planned. I mean my trip back, not the baby boy.

It kind of kills it for any holiday time with Flower, as we will be returning around the end of July, staying a month exactly. When and if I have time to record, it will be quite sporatic. Interesting, probably, but sporatic.

It would have been so convenient if they had had their 'let's have a baby' shag six weeks later than they did, so I could have come after the summer holiday was over. If you think it's been hot here, they know how to do hot there so much better.


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