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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Miscellaneous stuff

As you can see, I relented and put that crazy code thing on my comments page. I'm tired of spammers. It's bad enough they ring you at all times of the day and night (I guess the telemarketers are not aware of the time difference between India and the UK), but to get computer-operated spams on your blog is just getting out of hand. So, I'm hanging up on them, so to speak.

I left two of the spams up on one of my postings, only because one of them I think is rather funny the: I've got a surgery penile enlargement related site. It covers surgery penile enlargement related articles. Drop by when you can. Hmmm, personally, since I don't have, nor don't want to have a penis on my body (in my body is a whole nuther subject) I am not interested in this ad. And since, trust me when I say this, Krip is very well endowed does not need any enhancement, neither of us are candidates for browsing the penile enlargement related site.

And what the hell is: I have a sugar glider picture site. It pretty much covers sugar glider picture related stuff. I haven't a clue what this site is all about. And since I don't want to encourage this particular site anymore than I have to, I guess I will just be in the dark about it. I can live with that.

There is a particular vehicle, don't know whether it is an automobile or a pick-up truck that goes by everyday at a certain time. I'm tempted to believe it is a pick-up only because of the melody that the horn puts out every single time it goes by. It's a blip of "Dixie." Now since I am a Soth'rn girl through and through, I personally love "Dixie." However, it's rather weird, to say the least, to hear it in Merry Old England.

Anyway, it's certainly comforting to note that there are rednecks everywhere in this world.


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