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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Raise your hand if you love peanut butter.

Now I love peanut butter. Smooth, crunchy; doesn't matter. Anyway it's used, or right out of the jar ~~ I. Do. Love. Peanut.Butter.

Since living here in England, I make sure that I have an American brand of peanut butter. Usually it's Skippys. I mean, there are two items that have to be American brands for me; mayonnaise and peanut butter ~ no argument. Just the way it is.

Anyway, so the first time I offered to make Krip a peanut butter sandwich, I didn't think anything of it when I asked him if he wanted jam on it too. This is how our conversation went:

"You want a peanut butter sandwich?"
"Oh yeah, please."
"Want some jam on it?"
"God no, that sounds disgusting!"
"You mean, you've never had peanut butter and jam sandwiches as a kid?"
"How about a peanut butter and banana sandwich?"
"Peanut butter and bacon sandwich?"
"Peanut butter on toast with a bit of salt?"
"How about peanut butter on your pancakes with syrup?"
"I'm losing my appetite...please just make me a damn peanut butter sarnie...please."
"I'm making it. I'm almost done. How about peanut butter and chocolate?"
"You have to be kidding."
"I can't believe that you've never had a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup."
"A what?"
" Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. It has chocolate on the outside and like peanut butter on the inside."
"Don't think so."
"It's so good."
"Don't think so. Aren't you done with my peanut butter sarnie?"
"It's coming right now."
"So what are you having?"
"Cinnamon toast."


At 9:43 AM , Anonymous the letter b said...

my mum likes to prepare peanut butter sandwiches, sprinkled with fine sugar on top of the spread. yum. and that's the only time i'm willing to have peanut butter.

At 9:55 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Oh, I've never had it that way. I have had butter and sugar sandwiches, but I bet your way would be delicious. Think I'll try it.

At 10:24 AM , Anonymous the letter b said...

please do and let me know if you like it :)

butter and sugar - oh another of me family's [generations and generations and..] invention!

At 11:05 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Are you sure you don't have just a wee bit of American in you with all those other bits?

At 11:24 AM , Anonymous the letter b said...

hmm, i'd like to think so as i seem to be able to chat with just any american like as if theres some connection. and there's one time i had to explain to an english bird about the humour her american beau had just cracked. and vice versa.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Went straight over that English bird's head, right?

At 11:39 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Well, b, I just had a peanut butter and sprinkled sugar sandwich. It was yummy! Kinda tasted like a peanut butter cookie. Thanks b for suggesting it.

If you decide to hop back to this part of the isle, let me know and we will eat P.B. and Sugar sandwiches together and watch Krip flip-out. Then we will all go for a pint or two.


At 1:08 PM , Blogger Shooting Parrots said...

I one of the "I don't like it and never tried it" brigade having never been able to bring myself munch a peanut butter sarnie. I've made loads of them though because my lad gets through two or three jars a week.

At 1:20 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Oh polly, you just don't know what you're missing.

At 2:05 PM , Blogger alfie said...

I've put on 20 pounds in weight - just reading your post!!!!!

At 3:01 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

alfie, that's why we have joined a fitness club. I want to eat anything and everything, so I guess I'll have to just work my ass (arse) off in order to do it.

At 3:09 PM , Anonymous the letter b said...

your welcome Alice, glad you liked it. oh here's another option: spread butter/margarine on the bread, and then peanut butter, and the sugar. this gotta be my other favourite.

definitely looking forward to the PB/sugar sarnies and beer. one of those girlie things we ought to do eh?

btw no the english bird didn't get it nor the fella. each accused the other of bein sarcy/insincere when they tittered after hearin my "translations". i gave up doing my bit for world peace right after which.

At 5:28 PM , Blogger krip said...

Peanut Butter with jam is still bloody disgusting.
Marmite and cheese sarny. Now we're talking.

At 6:25 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Groan. And you call me a philistine. Well, at least I know what to fix you for lunch tomorrow.

At 6:47 PM , Blogger Anoneumouse said...

Peanut butter, strong extra mature cheddar cheese and T&L syrup hmmmmmmm

At 7:55 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Well, hmmm, that would be, um, an interesting combination.

At 6:24 AM , Blogger MonicaR said...

Peanut butter and grape jelly - it's heaven!

When I was a kid one of our treats was bread, butter and sugar. Ohhhhh yum. I've taught the girlies about it too - they love it!

I can't believe that Krip hasn't had the pleasure of a Reese's peanut butter cup. To DIE for.

Does he just have peanut butter and the bread...and...and...that's IT?! Kind of sticks to the roof of your mouth, doesn't it?

At 8:24 AM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Monicar, I haven't seen Reeses PB Cups over here since I have been here, so I doubt he has had one. And yep, PB on bread as a sandwich...and that's all folks.

At 10:36 AM , Blogger GaffaUK said...

I'm always suprised just how many US chocolate brands seem to have peanut butter in them. There hardly any over here.

Same with crisps (chips) - US packets are huge but don't have much range in flavour. In the UK they are usually in small packets but there is a huge choice in flavours.

As for chocolate - Alice...Hershey, Cadbury, Nestle or Mars?


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