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Friday, September 16, 2005

A cold wind blowing

Burrr, what a difference in the weather today. I'm so glad it's Friday, but old Man Winter is sure trying to test his meddle today.

Since it's Friday, and I am tired of being so serious this past week, thought I would do my own little Friday toons and tidbits in word form.

Did you know that there are 52 prepositions in the English language and ten compound-prepositions?

That's what my youngest told me the other night. Her English teacher can say them in less than 20 seconds. I've spent two days now trying to think of them all, and all I've come back with is 20 preps and no compounds. I could go ahead a peek from the list that she sent me, but I haven't gotten that desperate yet...getting there but not there yet.

You know I told you my back muscles feel like they've been twisted into a pretzel again for the third time, right?

Well, last night, in the middle of the night, Barney our dog who has been sick with the runs (and damn if they don't smell blahhhh) for the past three days, got up and made a bee-line down the stairs to the backdoor. Hearing him, cause I can't sleep, I threw myself outta the bed, frantically looking for something to throw on, and started chasing him down the stairs to the back door before he had a chance to take a juicy, runny, smelly shit on my kitchen floor. Well, Barney made it outside, and that's a good thing...

However, I learned a super colossal lesson last night. You can't go flinging yourself outta bed like you're made out of a rubberband; go running down hallways, stairs; and flinging doors open in 30 seconds flat, and expect no repercussions. Nope, can't do it. After I got the door open for Barney, my back decided to let me know exactly what a brainless, half-baked, half-witted, idiotic, and ill-advised woman I had been. I couldn't have been more surprised over the reaction from my back than if someone had brained me over the head. I swear to God, the pain shot up my back like bolt of white, jagged lightning you glimpse in the sky during a summer's thunderstorm. Afterwards, I managed to drag my sorry ass up the stairs and back into bed. Whimpering the whole time, I must admit. I think I added at least another two weeks onto my healing time.

Krip asked me if I was all right. "Uh, huh, just hurts a little" was all I could manage. Bless him.


At 12:47 PM , Anonymous the letter b said...

just go slow now, Alice and wishin you a speedy recovery :)

At 1:14 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Thanks b. I am a lot slower today than I was yesterday, HA!


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