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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Here's a little cheese with that whine

I tell you what. I experienced approximately 10 hours of the Noggin Channel yesterday. Ten whole, long-ass hours. I am starting to slide into the brain-dead zone. It's so hot outside, that the kids cannot go out and play until around 7 pm. I mean, by ten o'clock A.M., it is already about 97 degrees outside. Little Mama is sooo ready to have this other child. Their third child. Their third son. Oh, joy. My other two grandsons are five and two. All boy these two. Not a sensitive bone between them.

Have you ever noticed how kids can whine? I mean all the time. I mean whining for no damn reason. Just for the hell of it. If there was a competition for whining, my five year old grandson would win hands down. I would happily pit him against any whiner in the northern hemisphere; oh hell, both hemispheres, and he would win. It would be no contest.

The five year old wanted to eat lunch not ten minutes after he had eaten his breakfast. Then when lunch finally arrived, he whined that he wasn't hungry. Not 15 minutes after lunch was over, he whined that he was starving. I bet you can kinda tell where this is headed. Want me to tell you what dinner was like? Let's just put it this way...he didn't eat; which meant that he wouldn't get anything else until breakfast tomorrow morning. Guess what he wanted before he went to bed. You guessed it, breakfast. He whined all day yesterday. And I mean the whole damn day. I also found out that the five year old expects you to be a mind reader. Shit, how am I suppose to know when he is thirsty if he doesn't say that he is thirsty? Nooooo, it's a lot more fun for him to whine that I should automatically know that he is thirsty.


Now for the two year old. He's teething, molars to be exact. He will be his regular old self, and then suddenly scream like a banshee. That went on all damn day too. He didn't take a nap that afternoon, and trust me when I write this, we were all made aware of the fact that he didn't take a nap either. I can put up with his whining because it's a little bit of a screeching whine and when you give him something to drink or eat, he smiles and is happy for about thirty seconds. And he'll say "thank you" without me reminding him to say so.

That's nice.

You can imagine what my phone call was like with my darlin' last night. That's right, I whined the whole damn time.


At 4:06 PM , Anonymous Krip said...

Oh quit whining.


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