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Friday, November 25, 2005


So yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and yes, I was a bit blue throughout the day. It wasn't the food or the football games that I missed, but family. Funny though, it's not the family, excluding my kids of course, that is left that I missed, but my Grandma and Granddaddy who came to mind.

I remember as a kid going to their home for Thanksgiving. I loved spending time with them. I think that my grandparents were some of the coolest people on earth. Nothing that I talked with them about ever shocked them. If I could have a real conversation with them today, I don't think anything that I would talk about now would ever shock them. I wasn't the black sheep of the family with them. I was special in their eyes, especially my Granddaddy. Just before we would leave, he used to slip say, five or ten dollars in my hand, as he was pretending to shake it. And I knew it was coming because he would get a certain twinkle in his eyes after leaning over to give me a kiss and hug and would whisper in my ear, "You will be okay kid," then quickly put out his hand and say, "Wanna shake on that?"

I haven't thought about this in a very long time. Lordy, so many years have gone by. It seems like a lifetime ago.

So, like the thoughtful man he is, Krip brought me home a lovely bunch of flowers yesterday, wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and asked me how I was getting on, and I told him everything was fine.

And it is. I think my Granddaddy was just about ready to shake my hand when Krip walked through that door.


At 9:28 AM , Blogger Birdman said...

Shucks. That brought a tear.

At 10:35 AM , Anonymous the letter b said...

grandparents seem to undertand us better, don't they Alice? talk of which i miss my great gran..

At 2:38 PM , Blogger Fred said...

This reminded me of the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. Remember when she got the chance to see her granparents again?

We also always went to Gram and Gramps house. It was a massive meal. I miss those days.

At 6:25 AM , Blogger MonicaR said...

My grandparents were not close to us. Although your story brought a tear to my eye - I am glad that you have those good memories.

At 5:06 PM , Blogger "Alice" said...

Aw, I didn't mean to do that, having people get teary-eyed and all. I just was thinking of a long-a-go time and place in my life...that's all.

At 10:46 PM , Blogger DV said...

A lovely post, Alice. Thank you for sharing your memories


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