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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So last night, while eating dinner, we decided to watch this program about couples who want to move and can't decide whether to stay in their own country or in this case, Scotland and/or move to another country, and in this case, Germany. Now they are an English couple who ran a B&B in Scotland, and decided that they wanted a bigger challenge in running the same type of business. So they had to choose between those two countries. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with moving away; however, moving to a foreign country to run a business when you have only visited it a few times and you don't even know the language, nor the legalities (as in buying a business) is rather more than a challenge. At any rate, this couple chose to do so. They bought this old B&B in a village that was way underprice and hadn't been doing any business in over two years. That would have rang warning bells as loud as Big Ben or the Liberty Bell in my mind and would have made me run away the other way as far and fast as possible. But not this couple, they didn't even flinch. However, they did think the place was nice.


That's what this story is really about...nice. This couple, whom Krip called Mr. and Mrs. Dweeb, saw three business establishments in Scotland and three in Germany. For one solid hour, while watching this program, the viewers heard this couple say, sometimes simutaniously, nice 79 times. I know this because I counted each and every time.

Nice...79 an hour.

Oh brother.


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