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Monday, May 23, 2005

Fledglings lost

On Friday night, my husband, who shall from now on be called Walrus, noticed that the Great Tit's nesting house had gone suddenly quiet. It was like no one at all was home. No sounds coming from the inside, and no movement at all around the nest. Now for the past two weeks the noise had been almost deafening with the chicks inside wailing all the time for food. Watching the two parents frantically trying to find food for these chicks, working almost non-stop on an hourly basis made for exhaustive viewing on our part.

So when Walrus noticed the lack of frenzied activity around the nest, he went immediately to check why the parent birds had abandoned the nest. There were four little chicks inside, all dead. We don't know what killed them. We will never know what killed them. It was a very sad and somber moment for me and Walrus when we found them.

They were thrown into the compost container.


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