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Sunday, May 22, 2005

A bird's eye view of things

In our small garden we have quite a variety of birds that are nesting, in the process of raising their young, or have just released their fledglings into the great unknown. Among these birds, some have become quite attached to us, or rather we have become quite attached to them.

One blackbird that hangs out in our garden we fondly call Mr. Bob. Now Mr. Bob is a real pain in the ass. He is bossy, very territorial, and downright sneaky. His sneakiness I will get to in a moment.

Another bird is a sweet little female robin. She definitely has a brood that she is raising. We have found out that she loves raisins. In fact, she will let us feed her right out of our hand. The other day, my beloved left the kitchen door open, and she flew onto the countertop and picked up a raisin that had been left on it. Now that was cool. And this is where Mr. Bob's sneakiness come in.

I decided to leave the back door open so that Little Miss Robin could come collect her raisins off of the kitchen countertop (only because having her feed out of my hand can be a real drag sometimes, you know, jumping up and down at her beck and call) and who shows up and eats all of the raisins? You guessed it, Mr. Bob. Sneaky Mr. Bob.

Poor Little Miss Robin was left sitting on the fence with a look of shock on her face.


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